Changing Logging Levels

You can change the logging level for individual services (i.e., loggers), which will override the logging level configured for the main com.nakisa.

The following table lists the different logging levels:

Logging Level



No logging is done.


Only log very severe error events that can likely lead the application to abort.


Log fatal errors and errors that might prevent the task from completing successfully, depending on the setting of other parameters. Errors indicate that administrative action is needed.


Log all errors and warnings that signal a condition that does not prevent the completion of the task, but might indicate that some action is needed on behalf of the administrator. These could be potentially harmful situations.


Log all errors, warnings, and informational messages that indicate when normal situations occur, for example, when a user logs in.


Log all errors, warnings, informational messages, and fine-grained informational events that are most useful to debug an application.


Log all errors, warnings, informational messages, debugging information, as well as information used to debug, but at a more granular level than the "Debug" information level.


Records all levels including custom levels.

To change the logging levels of a service:

  1. Click on the Logger Settings tab.
  2. Find the service you want to change (you can enter part of the name in the Name field at the top of the services list, if needed), then select the logging level in its Level drop-down. Note that specifying a logging level for a particular service overrides the com.Nakisa logging level for that service.
  3. Warning: Do not change the logging level for the service com.nakisa to log more than "Error", or else the log will roll over too quickly.

  4. Select the logger type AsynchLogger or Logger as appropriate to your task. AsynchLogger is typically much faster, but there are occasions when Logger is appropriate, such as some error handling instances and when CPU resources are scarce.
  5. Certain errors log a big stack trace to the lines of code that were touched in the process that threw the error, which can result in hundreds of lines logged. To limit the error to the top 5-6 lines, select the checkbox Truncate Stack Traces.

To reset logging to their original settings:

Click Reset Loggers Config. Note that this action will also delete any new loggers that have been added.

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