Functional Administrators must manually maintain the indexation configuration. These tables are not synced with SAP.

This table is only used if CPI/Indexation is enabled on the Accounting Settings page, and when "CPI Global" is selected as the CPI option.

On the contract Accounting page, the field "Indexation" shows the valid records from the Indexation table based on the entered Reference Date. When the user selects an Indexation value, the configured Index Value is automatically populated in the "Current Index Level" in the contract.

You must also configure the GL account for CPI Index in the Non Lease Accounting Determination table.

To add or modify indexation rates:

  1. Navigate to System ConfigsSystem.
  2. Click on the row for the required system. The system name is now displayed next to "System" in the configuration tree.
  3. Navigate to System ConfigsSystem > Company.
  4. Click on the row for the required company. The company name is now displayed next to "Company" in the configuration tree.
  5. Navigate to System ConfigsSystem > Company > Indexation.
  6. To add a new indexation rate, click Menu > Add.
  7. To edit an existing indexation rate, click for the required row.
  8. Modify the fields as required.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. To detach an existing indexation rate from the company code, select the required row and click Menu > Detach.
  11. To attach an existing indexation rate to the company code, click the Available tab, select the required row, and click Menu > Attach.

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