Sync Job Log Settings

Use this page to configure settings for the SAP Posting Bot Sync Job Log.

To configure sync job log settings:

  1. Click Application Menu > SAP Posting Bot. The posting bot page opens in a separate window.
  2. Click Settings in the left panel.
  3. In Number of Rows in Report, define how many rows of postings are exported in each Excel file when the Sync Job Report is downloaded. If there are more rows in the report than the configured limit, multiple Excel files are generated. For example, if 500 rows are configured in this setting and the sync report has 1300 rows of postings, three separate Excel files are generated (two with 500 rows and another with 300).

    By default, this field is set to the maximum of 20,000 rows. If the file takes too long to download, lower the number of rows configured in this field.

  4. If required, click Reset Configuration to reset the settings on the page to the default values.
  5. Click Save to save all settings on the page.

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