SAP Connections

Nakisa Lease Administration supports connections to up to four SAP ERP systems by default. If four systems are not required, simply configure the connection strings for the ones required and leave the other ones empty.

If more than four systems are required, contact your implementation partner. Please note that increasing the number of connected ERP systems will impact the performance of the application during authentication.

There are two different types of connection string fields. These fields are required if the application is connected to and syncs master data with an SAP ERP backend system:

  • "SAP Sync Connection" is used during SAP syncs of master data.
  • "SAP Connection" is used for all other requests (such as fetching exchange rates used in posting documents).

Note: The fields "SAP Authentication without any credentials" and "Connection for Role Mapping if using SAP" are not required and should be ignored.

Service User

The user specified in the Connection String defines the Service user that is used to sync or post to the ERP system.

Note: In all document postings, the application passes the logged in user (i.e., system user) in the USERNAME field (truncated to 12 characters) in the document header.

The Service user must:

  • Have the appropriate credentials to post documents in the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Asset Accounting.
  • Have the appropriate credentials to see and create master data in Asset Accounting.
  • Not be set up as a dialog user in SAP.

If you must segregate Service users and have different users for different company codes, you can define multiple SAP connection strings with the same destination, but with different users. For example, the user in the connection string for system 1 will be used to post to all of the company codes defined for system 1, and the user in the connection string for system 2 will be used to post to all of the company codes defined for system 2, even though they both point to the same ERP system.

To connect to SAP ERP systems:

  1. Click Application Menu > Settings.
  2. In the left-menu, click Data Connections > SAP Connections 1.
  3. Enter the connection strings with the Service user in SAP Connection and SAP Sync Connection and note the following:
    • The USER element specified in the connection string defines the Service user that can be used to post to the ERP system.
    • Do not enter the password into the connection string. If your connection string contains a password element, enter {password} in the connection string and the application will replace that value with the password you enter in the Password field.
    • For the field SAP Connection, Nakisa recommends setting a TIMEOUT element to 120 seconds in the connection string.
    • For the field SAP Sync Connection, either do not set a TIMEOUT or set one that is greater than your longest SAP sync job, otherwise these jobs may be halted before they are finished.

      Note: If this SAP Sync Connection field is left blank, after upgrading the connection string from the field SAP Connection is copied into this field with any timeout settings removed.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat the previous steps for SAP Connections 2 - SAP Connections 4, for as many systems as required.

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