Excel Import/Export

Use the Excel Import/Export section to enable the import and/or export of:

  • Master Agreements (via the Mass Import tool)
  • Contracts (via the Mass Import tool)
  • Activation Groups
  • Units
  • One time charges
  • Mass Lease Modification
  • Cost center allocation rules

    Note: The switch Enable Cost Center Allocation Rules Import/Export must also be enabled in order to import/export cost center allocation rules.

To enable or disable the Excel Import/Export:

  1. Click Application Menu > Settings > Excel Import/Export.
  2. Enable or disable the switches as needed.
  3. Click Save.

The following switches are available to set Excel Import/Export:

Switch Description

Enable Excel Imports/Exports

Enable this switch to enable "Import/Export Information" in the application main menu. This switch is disabled by default.

Note: This switch must be enabled to use any of the other switches on this page.

All company codes for export

By default, users cannot export master agreements, contracts, activation groups, or units to Excel for all company codes at one time. To allow users to export these objects all company codes at a time, enable the switch "All company codes for export". Note that exports for all company codes may take a significant amount of time.

Always Export Additional Tab for Unit Excel

The switch forces the application to always include the Additional tab in the exported Unit Excel, even if there is no data populated in the Additional section of the Unit screen. If the switch "Always Export Additional Tab for Unit Excel" is disabled, the application does not export the tab if there is no data. Note that this switch is disabled by default.

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