MLA UI Customization

Use the MLA UI Customization setting to define certain aspects of MLA in the application UI (front-end).

To configure the MLA UI Customization:

  1. Click Application Menu > Settings.
  2. In the left-menu, click MLA UI Customization under Settings.
  3. Configure settings or enable or disable the switches as needed.
  4. Click Save.

The following MLA UI Customization settings are available:

Setting Description

Show "Lease Business Unit" field in MLA Create

Enable this switch to add the Lease Business Unit field to the Create MLA pop-up form.

Show "Company Code" field in MLA Create

Enable this switch to show the Company Code field in the Create MLA pop-up form. Note that the Company Code field can only be added if the Lease Business Unit field is also enabled.

Auto Set Hierarchy in MLA Create

Enable this switch to automatically fill in the Lease Area and Lease Business Unit whenever the Company Code is selected in the Create MLA form. This option can only be used if both of the following conditions are true:

  • The Master Data Config has been configured to have a one to one relationship between Lease Area, Lease Business Unit, and Company Code.
  • Both the Lease Business Unit and Company Code have been enabled in the Create MLA pop-up form.

Show MLA Progress Bar

By default, the MLA progress bar is not displayed in the application. To display the progress bar, enable this switch. Note that enabling the progress bar may affect performance.

Enable/Disable Company on MLA

By default, users can set the Company Code on the master agreement Definitions page. Disable this switch to disable this field at the MLA level.

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