2022.R2-SP2: 28-Mar-2024

Major Release Version: 2022.R2-SP2

The following issues were resolved in this release:

  • Performance improvements have been made to the application: the "IndexStatusAutoCleanTask" Schedule Job now properly clears the unused index data from the application database.

    If you continue to experience performance issues, the new setting "MonthOfDeletionIndexStatus" has been added to Leasing Settings in backend configuration. When this field is configured, the application deletes all entries in the Index Status table that are older than the entered number of months. Contact Nakisa Support if you require this setting.

    (Reference: ELA 04)

  • When the depreciation amount is rounded to zero in the asset depreciation posting document, the debits and credits of the line items are now always correct. (Reference: ELS 83)
  • If an object in the User table in Master Data Configuration has been previously modified manually in the AdminConsole and the table is later modified via Excel import, in the Entity Navigation Tool the object modified by field is now properly updated and no longer displays the user who previously manually modified the field. (Reference: ETL 09)
  • When a contract has carry over balances and the company currency is the same as the group currency, the application now always displays the correct exchange rate in the Posted FX Rate field in asset depreciation posting documents. (Reference: ETT 61)
  • The WBS from the unit level is now properly saved to the application database and sent to SAP for postings for Profit and Loss GL accounts. (Reference: TMM 69)

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