Known Limitations

The following table lists the known limitations for Nakisa Lease Administration that may be considered in future major and minor releases. (Note that patch releases deliver bug fixes only, and are not considered to be minor releases.). The "Applicable To" column indicates which versions the known issues apply to.

Reference Number


Applicable To

AB 99

When a contract with lease type "fix" is copied and the lease type is switched to short term or service contract, the Contract Rate field is not automatically reset to 0 (but the field is still grayed out). If the lease type is switched to short term, low value, or service contract, the "Send to Approval" button becomes non-clickable if the user navigates away from the contract object.

If the desired lease type is one of the three mentioned, do not to copy a fixed contract to create it.


EG 70

If a language is disabled in the Nakisa AdminConsole on the General Settings page, users can still modify the URL of the application to access the disabled language.


MB 98

When CSV files are exported, numbers may be displayed as exponential numbers because the cell format category is "General". To see the correct values, change the cell format category.


RG 33

When an activation group merging process fails (following an event) due to an error that is not related to dates, the activation group will remain stuck in "Reprocess". Even if the draft is deleted and a new draft is created, the old configuration (that caused the error) will still be used.

Contact your implementation partner to revert this contract using the Recovery tool.


TE 53

The following issues exist with the Quick Search feature:

  • If the object name or ID contains a dash (-), no results are returned if the dash is included in the search term.
  • The results only show objects with words that start with the search term. For example, if the search term is "LA", the results will not show "MLA", but will show "LAND". To work around this issue, use a wildcard "*" at the beginning of the search term (e.g., "*LA").

TE 55

The application does not stop users from pinning a contract and opening it a second time in another tab. Users should not do this as it may lead to confusion about which updates are actually the latest ones.


TE 56

If the management report Dashboard is accessed immediately after the contract has been created or after changes have been made to a contract, the graphs may not reflect the latest changes. Reload the dashboards to view updated results.


TE 61

The entries in the Master Data Configuration tables are not sorted.

Use the "Find" search to find a record in the configuration table currently displayed.


TM 58

The application supports uploading the application configuration Excel file with translated captions, but there is no way to modify the captions in the Nakisa AdminConsole.

To modify the translated captions, users will have to make the change in the Excel file and upload it again.


TE 80

Certain PDF files cannot be rendered properly for the purpose of document tagging. The following simple fonts are not supported:

  • Type 1 fonts
  • TrueType fonts
  • Font subsets
  • Type 3 fonts

The composite fonts CIDFonts are not supported (except for embedded Cmap files).

The following other font programs are not supported:

  • Type 0 fonts
  • Type 1 (CFF)
  • OpenType (True Type and CFF Type outlines)

Note that files with these fonts can still be uploaded to the contract and downloaded to be viewed.


TE 84

If there are multiple people logged in at the same time with the same login credentials, they will all receive the same notifications. If there is an action tied to the notification, then once it has been executed once, it will no longer be performed for any other user.

To work around this issue, there should only be one person logged in as a specific user at a time.


TM 66

If users are logging in to the Nakisa AdminConsole using the login page (i.e., single-sign-on is not implemented), there is a language drop-down displayed even though the Nakisa AdminConsole is only available in English. Do not use the other languages.

ESB 79 When the Unit landing page is exported to Excel in Table View, the company code column is not displayed in the exported file. To work around this issue, export the page in Standard View. 2022.R2-SP1+

LAR 81

When a lease component is deleted, an empty lease component may still appear in the lease component landing page until the index is refreshed.


LBT 92

The application only supports uploading Excel files in .xlsx format. If you upload an Excel file that uses date formulas in another format (e.g., .xlst or .xls), the file may be uploaded with errors.


LOE 65

In the Relation Navigation tool in the Nakisa AdminConsole, certain captions are too long to be displayed properly in the tables and headers.


LRO 11

If a 4.0.3 build is upgraded to NLA 5.0, then the Batch Names for existing batches are lost. In this case, simply add a new Batch Name to be able to run the batch.


LTS 75

If the application and SAP are configured with old asset accounting and parallel currency is enabled, the application cannot pass a group currency value that is calculated with a weighted average exchange rate for depreciation and asset adjustment postings for ROU decrease events.

Note that:

  • SAP must be configured to allow negative NBV value in the depreciation area that is in a foreign currency.
  • The application will not calculate the group currency amount using the weighted average rate due to standard BAPI limitation.
  • SAP uses a spot rate to convert values to group currencies for depreciation postings.
  • The group currency amount may become negative in SAP (depending on the group exchange rate fluctuation) during a decrease ROU asset lease event or depreciation posting.

Refer to for a description of when weighted average exchange rates are used.

RAG 80 If a unit level reversal posting batch in Batch Management is filtered based on master agreement IDs, the selected IDs are ignored and batch items are generated for all units under the selected system. To work around this issue, filter these batches by selecting the contract IDs under the required master agreements. 2022.R2-SP1+
RAM 07 When running a batch in Batch Management with a large number of batch items, the fields on the Filters page are reset to default and do not display the previously selected values. This issue has no effect on the processing of the batch. 2022.R2-SP1+
RBR 65 If an old revision is opened, you can delete charges from the Charge List page after clicking the Open button. This deletes the charge from both the old revision and the master version. 2022.R2-SP2+
RGL 00 In systems with parallel currency disabled, the application ignores the Translation Date Type configuration in the Exchange Rate Type table in Master Data Configuration and always uses the Posting Date to read exchange rates. 2022.R2-SP1+

RLM 53

RSR 12

If you run a batch or Scheduled Posting Job for specific object IDs, after the activation group is closed, the related object ID is no longer displayed in the fields of the executed batch or job. 2022.R2-SP1+
RRR 41 If the One-Step Approval batch is run in Batch Management, after the batch action is disabled (via the switch "Enable One-Step Approval in Batch Management" on the General Settings page in the Nakisa AdminConsole), the batch action can no longer be viewed on the Action page of the batch. To work around this issue, enable the switch. 2022.R2-SP1+
RSL 40 When the Exchange Rate table in System Configuration is uploaded via Excel in Master Data Configuration using the "Load" option, although exchange rates for the selected system are loaded successfully, exchange rate data in other systems are deleted. To work around this issue, upload the rates using the "Update or Insert" option. 2022.R2-SP1+
RTO 41 When switch "Read-Only Payment Dates in AG Terms & Conditions" is enabled on the Accounting settings page in the Nakisa AdminConsole, payment dates in the activation group for certain terms (e.g., Prepaid, Initial Direct Cost) are still editable before the activation group is sent for assessment. 2022.R2-SP1+
TBG 36 If a contract has two activation groups and a casualty was performed on one of them, and then a lease modification is performed where a new term is added and then deleted, a casualty term appears in the lease component draft and cannot be deleted. Because the casualty term is only visible in the lease component (and does not appear in the activation group), the financial schedules remain unaffected and users can ignore the term. 2022.R2-SP1+
TGM 30

When a user performs asset impairment under ASC 842, the following entries should be generated:

  • DR Impairment Loss
  • DR Accumulated Depreciation
  • CR ROU Asset (instead of Accumulated Impairment Loss)

Under GASB 87, asset impairment should follow ASC 842 accounting logic.


TLR 39

As part of impairment functionality, the application allows users to perform accelerated depreciation for contracts in standalone systems. If the useful life is less than the lease term, then for finance leases, the application continues to amortizes the ROU asset over the full useful life instead of over the value entered in "Remaining Depreciation Life".


TRS 79

When the switch "Set "End of Month Payment" by default" is enabled on the Accounting Settings page in the Nakisa AdminConsole, the checkbox "End of Month Payment" that appears in the Base Rent term when payments are on the last day of a short month (e.g., February 28 or April 30) is selected by default when the term is first added.

However, if a Base Rent term is created with payments on a different day, and the term is then edited and the payment dates changed to the last day of a short month (causing the checkbox to appear), the checkbox is not selected by default.

To work around this issue, ensure the checkbox is properly set when modifying a Base Rent term.


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