Tagging and Commenting on Fields

You can tag and highlight areas of attached PDFs that support the selected data in the fields and leave comments.

While editing a contract, mousing over the fields reveals the following icons:

  • Add Tag: Clicking this icon opens the document panel, allowing you to create colored boxes (tags) in the attached PDF. As a result, a icon appears next to the associated field for each created tag.
  • Tagged: Indicates that there is a tag in the attached PDF for the field. Click the icon to highlight the tag in the document.
  • Selected Tag: Indicates the tag that is currently highlighted in the document.
  • Remove Tag: In the document panel, click this icon to remove the tag.
  • Add Comment: Clicking this icon opens a dialog box where you can leave a comment related to that field.
  • Comment Added: Mousing over this icon displays the comments for that field.

Expand the blue document viewer panel on the right to view the attached document. If there are multiple documents attached, select the required one from the Document drop-down list. Use the available controls to navigate through the document and to zoom in or out.

Tip: Clicking inside a tagged area in the document highlights the associated field in the contract.

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