Activation Group Definition

Lease Administrators and Accountants can modify the activation group Definition page.

At contract inception, this page can be modified when the Contract Phase is "Setup" and the Activation Group Status for the activation group is "Define".

To modify the activation group definition:

  1. Open the activation group.
  2. If required, the activation group Name can be modified, and a Description can be entered.
  3. At inception, the Activation Date field displays the expected start date for the activation group. All of the start dates for the terms will be shifted by the difference between the Expected T&C Start Date and the actual Activation Date.
  4. The End Date indicates the latest selected term end date in the activation group.
  5. The Reassessment Effective Date is only populated when the contract is reassessed. The field indicates the Effective Date set in the reassessment.

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