About Changes, Modifications, and Reassessments

Once contracts and activation groups are active, users can:

Before the events are merged, users can view the adjustment postings related to the event.

The application marks the period financial impact from an event occurred with a green line in the financial schedules. This is typically in the same period as the effective date of the event, however note that when payments are mid-month and in arrears, the highlighted row may appear in a different period.

Note that in general, users cannot perform an event if all payments, accruals, and asset depreciation have been posted (i.e., the Lease End Button is enabled). The following are some exceptions to this rule:

  • A lease modification can be performed to add a new lease component.
  • A contract-level event can be performed when there are multiple activation groups where at least one of them still has open periods.
  • If an activation group has a single payment throughout the lease term (and no depreciation postings), all events can be performed in subsequent open periods with no available postings (i.e. displayed as NA on the Postings page).

If users are blocked from performing the event, depending on the lease classification, users can either:

  • For finance or operating leases, create a new contract under the same MLA and amend the terms and conditions.
  • For operating leases, reverse the last postings (payment, accrual, and depreciation), perform the event, and re-post the reversed postings.

Note: If the system is operating in standalone or hybrid mode, or if the Document Date is before the configured SAP Posting Start Date, additional steps may be required after entering the event (to complete the postings for payments or delta postings). See Updating Internal Posting Statuses with Excel for more information. Alternatively, contact your system administrator to configure the SAP Posting Bot, which will regularly transfer internally generated documents (that are after the configured SAP Posting Start Date) to the ERP.

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