After Intercompany Transfers

Once the assets are transferred, the Activation Group Status changes to "Active (Transferred)", and the new Transfer Cost Objects section on the activation group Accounting page has the cost objects selected for company B, as well as the field "New Company Assumes Lessor Payments" to indicate which company is in charge of the payments. On the Posting view of the financial schedules, all the periods from the point of the intercompany transfer show the icon (or once the documents are posted).

If cost center allocation is enabled and there are rules defined in the activation group, you will have to define new rules with cost centers from company B after the intercompany transfer has been merged back to the master version.

Note that Disclosure, Periodic Posting Status, and Additional reports are generated based on company A, but the reports have Intercompany Transfer columns to track the transactions performed after the transfer.

If users run batches in Batch Management after an intercompany transfer, the default batch filters will be applied as follows:

Batch Target Level

Batch Type

Filtering Based on


All posting batches

Company and cost objects at contract-level (i.e., company A)

Activation Group

Post Payment

Reverse Posted Payment

Company and cost objects of the company who is responsible for lessor payments

Activation Group

All other Posting and Reversal actions

Company B and its cost objects

Unit Mass Cost Center Change

Company at activation group level (i.e., company B)

Cost objects at unit level

Note that if Scheduled Posting Jobs are set up in the Nakisa AdminConsole, jobs at contract level will not pick up payment postings for transferred activation groups. You should use Batch Management to perform mass postings.

If the system administrator enables depreciation posting for finance leases from the application, it only applies to the periods after the intercompany transfer.

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