Mass Lease Modifications

If the Mass Lease Modification tool is enabled by system administrators, users can perform the following modifications on multiple contracts at once:

  • Adding a Supplemental term
  • Adding a Reduction term
  • Adding an Early Termination term
  • Adding an Extension term
  • Adding or modifying a Base Rent term (Note that you cannot shorten the end dates of the term)
  • Changing the contract rate

Nakisa does not recommend using this tool for any other type of lease modification (such as performing a decrease in lease terms). Note that this is a beta tool, and therefore certain validations that are present in the application (such as overlapping base rent terms) are not available in the Mass Lease Modification tool.

To use the Mass Lease Modification tool, you must upload an Excel with the required lease modification changes. The application then checks the file for errors and generates a data validation report. Once the file is successfully uploaded with no errors, you can perform the mass lease modification.

Tip: If you would like to add multiple terms under the same contract in a lease modification, only one entry for the contract is required in the first tab "Contract Change" within the Excel upload template.

Note: This tool is not available by default. Contact your system administrator to enable it if it is required.

To perform a mass lease modification:

  1. Click Main Menu > Import/Export InformationMass Lease Modification (beta)
  2. Click one of the following buttons:
    • Download Data File: Export an Excel file with all active contracts that meet the selected criteria.
      1. Select one of the following options:
        • To use the default filters, select "Default" in the Filters drop-down and select the System, Lease Area, Lease Business Unit,and Company Code(s).
        • To export data based on specific object IDs (instead of filters), select either "Bulk Master Agreements", "Bulk Contracts", or "Bulk Activation Groups" in the Filters drop-down, and perform one of the following actions:
          • Select the require IDs from the drop-down menu, or
          • Select the checkbox Use comma separated text as input and enter the comma-separated required IDs in the textbox.
      2. Click Submit.
      3. Open the Notification Center to download the file.

      Note: If a large amount of data is exported (based on the filter fields set), the file may take some time to generate.

      Note: If this file cannot be downloaded, you can use the CDS Logs in the Nakisa AdminConsole to determine if the error is the result of bad contract data. Contact your system administrator for more information.

    • Download Empty File: Download an empty mass lease modification template.
  3. Add the required lease modification changes to the Excel file.
    • Click on the headings of each column to see the supported values.
    • Enter unique values for "Term Object ID" for any new terms. This field is only used to reference the term between tabs of the file when the file is uploaded.
    • If you exported data, do not leave entries in the file that do not require changes. For example, if adding a new term, do not leave the Base Rent term in the file.
  4. Click Upload File and select the .xlsx Excel file.
    • Once the file is successfully uploaded and checked for errors, the status above the report table shows "Validated".
    • If there are any data validation errors, they are displayed in the Result column.
    • To download the results to Excel, click Download Validation Result.
  5. If the file contains errors, review these errors and correct the file before uploading it again.

    Note: Uploading the a new file clears the current mass lease modification report data and Excel results. If you require a record, download the results to Excel before continuing. This data can also be cleared at any time by clicking Clear All.

  6. Once there are no more errors, click Start Mass Modification to perform the lease modification.
    • Once the application has finished performing the lease modifications, the status shows "Processed".
    • If a lease modification fails during processing, the application stops processing the failed contract and continues processing the next lease modification.
    • Process results and any errors are displayed in the Result column.
    • To download the results to Excel, click Download Process Results.
  7. To open processed contracts directly from the Mass Lease Modification tool, click on the Contract ID links.

Note: If for some reason the mass lease modification process seems to be processing indefinitely, you can click Stop. This action will not undo any of the completed lease modification merges, and will not stop the current modification/merge. It will stop the tool from performing the remaining lease modifications that have been uploaded.

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