About Mass Excel Imports and Exports

When Excel imports and exports have been enabled in the Nakisa AdminConsole, users can import and export information at the application level, or at specific levels of the contract. This feature is disabled by default. Contact your system administrator if this feature is required.

Note that certain validations present in the application (including checks on configuration switches) are not available during Excel Imports. For example, users can upload terms with different payment frequencies, even if the switch prohibiting this is enabled in the Nakisa AdminConsole. Therefore, users must ensure the data is validated before it is imported into the application.

In the main application menu, the option "Import/Export Information" allows all users to:

Lease Administrators and Accountants can perform the following tasks:

Warning: All fields that are populated in the Excel are uploaded to the database, even if the fields are disabled in the application. If the fields have values, the application will use it. Users must take care not to upload data for features/fields that are not in use.

Note: Users can also use Google Sheets for imports and exports, for more information see Google Workplace.

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