Modes of Operation

Nakisa Lease Administration can simultaneously connect to different SAP systems and/or can operate in standalone mode. This is achieved by configuring the application with the different master data and connection type required for each connected system (or for a standalone mode of operation): 

  • Fully connected mode: the application is fully integrated with an SAP ERP system, syncing master data from SAP and posting directly to SAP. Assets are maintained in FI-AA.
    • In this mode, there is an option of setting a future posting start date. The application syncs master data from SAP, but generates internal postings until the date is reached, at which time the application starts posting to SAP.
  • Hybrid connection: the application syncs master data from SAP, fetches certain data from SAP (e.g., exchange rates), but only generates internal posting documents. All entries (including those for assets) are maintained in GL accounts.
  • Standalone mode: the application acts as a general ledger, using manually configured master data and generating internal posting documents. Note that Nakisa APIs can be called to update the master data.

Whenever internal postings are generated, the application can be used with Nakisa's SAP Posting Bot to regularly transfer these postings to the SAP system. To use and configure posting bots, contact your system administrator.

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