User Preferences

By default, the date format is set by the administrator in the Nakisa AdminConsole, and the number format follows the American number format. Users have the choice of changing these formats on the User Preferences page.

Note: For the following generated Excels, the application uses the number format defined on this page:

  • Transaction Export
  • Transaction Import
  • Financial Schedules

To change the formats:

  1. Click Main Menu > Change My Preferences.
  2. For the field Number Format - Thousands Separator, select the desired separator.
  3. For the field Number Format - Decimal Separator, select the desired separator.
  4. For the fields Date Format (short) and Date Format (long), select the desired formats.

Note: For all fields, you can select the option "Application Default". For the number format, the application default is the American number format. For the date format, the default is based on the configuration in the Nakisa AdminConsole.

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