Resolved Limitations

The following table lists the limitations that were listed in the Known Limitations that have been resolved in Nakisa Advanced Analytics 2022.R2-SP1 and support releases:

Reference Number


BM 1

The Advanced Analytics Range Filters are now displaying the correct filter captions.

BR 0

After creating a new page, clicking Share will no longer throw an error and cause a logout.

BS 7

Copying a page from the Dashboard section will no longer display an empty page, the proper dashboard page will be displayed.

GG 9

When you add a chart to a copied page of Turnover Analysis, you can only select the historical employee dataset.

BG 3 For users on ncp 3 the more function and search functionality in the filter panel are working as expected.
AO 8 In square charts, the number of decimal places displayed does matches the Number Settings in User Preferences.

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