Filter Panel

In addition to the Quick Search, you can also apply filters to your search results, directories, and most dashboards.

Note: Newly created pages do not have the filter panel created by default. You can create a filter panel by adding individual filters.

To view the filter panel:

  1. If the filter panel is collapsed, click on the tab on the left side of the search panel to open the search filters.

  2. Select the appropriate filters. The page updates to only show data that matches your selected filter criteria.
  3. To specifically exclude a value from the search results or dashboard, hover over the value and click .
  4. To clear the values selected for one filter field, hover over the field name and click .

To customize the filter panel:

  1. Toggle Filters: Click the drop-down to show or hide fields in the filter panel.
  2. Enable Editing: Click this icon to enable editing for individual fields. Click the required icon next to each field to delete or edit the field.
  3. Add New Filter: Click this icon to add a new field to the filters.
  4. Reset Filters: Click this option to clear all selected values and reset the number of values displayed under each field (to 10).
  5. Collapse All: Click here to hide all values under each filter field.

To add a filter field to the panel:

  1. Select the Field.
  2. The Name field is auto-populated based on the technical name of the selected Field. Enter a different name for the field if required.
  3. Select the Sort order for the values displayed under the field.
  4. Click Save.

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