Localization Settings

Use the Localization Settings section to select your language options and date format settings.

To Enable Languages:

Click the checkboxes next to the languages you want to have available to the users in your organization and click Save.

Note: Nakisa HR Suite cannot translate your data, so your data will only appear in the language in which it was uploaded. If your users access Nakisa HR Suite in German, but your data was uploaded in English, those users will see the data in English.

To Select a Default Language:

Select the default language your Nakisa HR Suite users will use and click Save.

To Set the Date Formats:

Select the desired date format from the Short and Long Date format drop-down menus and click Save.

To add the Help Center URL:

Enter the help center URL into the field.

To determine the default landing page for Nakisa HR Suite:

  • Select Default Page to have Nakisa HR Suite open the Landing Page (with the links to the various functions of the application) for your users
  • Select Org Chart to have Nakisa HR Suite open your main org chart for your users.

To Set the Default Currency:

Select the preferred currency from the drop-down menu and click Save. The default is USD, but if your organization has salaries paid in multiple currencies, ensure you have set the currency exchange rate in the Data Management module. If you change the default currency to something besides, USD, go to the Caption Editor to edit the hr.enterprise.web.defaultCurrency key to reflect your new currency, or everywhere a currency is listed will be mislabeled as "USD."

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