The Landing Page

After you create your administrator password and log in to Nakisa HR Suite, the first page you will see is the Landing page. This page is a central hub that provides you with quick access to all of the main features of the Nakisa AdminConsole. This section identifies the various elements of the Landing page.

  1. Main Menu: Click here to access the Main Menu, which directs you to the main features of the application, including the items featured on this Landing page, an option to change the administrator password, and the logout option. You can show and hide the main menu by clicking the menu icon .

    Note: Depending on your access, the main menu will display different features you can customize.

  2. Search: Lets you search for the features you want to customize.
  3. Tabs: When you open any of the application features from the main menu, a tab will appear in this section.
  4. Version: Shows you which version of Nakisa HR Suite you are running.

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