AzureAD Extraction Report

The Extraction Report displays a summary of the last extraction that was run for a selected mapping. This report is automatically displayed once an extraction is completed. You can also access this report at anytime by clicking Previous Extraction. If no extraction was previously performed, the status Not Started is displayed.

The Extraction Summary page contains a header that displays the status, start and end time of the last extraction. Additional details are included within the table:

  • ERP Resources: This column displays AzureAD resource name. Any filters applied during the extraction are indicates by a filter icon next to the resource name. You can view details of the applied filters by clicking the filter icon.

  • Count: This column displays the expected number of records from source ERP.

  • Actual: This column shows the actual number of records retrieved from source ERP

    Note: If numbers in the Actual and Count columns do not match, an error may have occurred when the data was extracted from AzureAD. To resolve this error, contact Nakisa Support.

  • Nakisa HR Suite Resources: This column lists all Nakisa HR Suite API resource names that the source AzureAD resource is mapped to.
  • Count: The Count column on the right lists number of records saved to the Nakisa HR Suite resource. You can click the information icon on each row to view a popup that lists additional details, such as applied filters or details on failed records.

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