Other Data Management Options

In addition to the data upload methods that are described in the previous sections, there are some data management options available to you that are used less frequently in day-to-day administration of Nakisa HR Suite. While we highly recommend using the options as we've described them in the previous section, we define these additional options so that you will know how to use them if you ever need them. Use them with caution, as some can delete or overwrite your existing data.

Reset Operations

  • Recreate Database: Click this button if you want to drop and recreate ALL tables in your database. It gives you a new, empty structure for your data. Use extreme caution when using this, because it deletes all of your data. After clicking this button, you will need to confirm this action in a dialog. Once you click it, you will see a status dialog, indicating that the database is being recreated, and the Recreate Database button will be inactive.
  • Delete Source Data: Click this button if you need to replace all of your source data without deleting your scenarios. After clicking this button, you will need to confirm this action in a dialog.
  • Update Database Structure: Click this button when upgrading from one version to the next to modify the structure of your existing database so that it includes any new tables or fields from the new version.
  • Index Source Data for Current Date: Click this button after importing new data. This indexes all of your source data, allowing you to use the Search and Dashboard features to analyze your data. You will not need to do this if you turned on auto-indexing during deployment.
  • Index Effective Dates: If you have beginning and ending dates in your data (BEGDA (Begin Date) and ENDA (End Date), you will want to enable Effective Dates. After doing so, clicking this button creates a number of snapshots of your data for defined time intervals. These snapshots could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. (The actual number and frequency of snapshots was set during your deployment.) These snapshots are then used to create dashboards and support search functionality.
  • Note: This only indexes your source data.

  • Cache Icicle: This button triggers the caching of the icicle chart. This will only need to be used the first time Nakisa HR Suite is deployed.
  • Derive Hierarchy: This starts a new batch that automatically derives your hierarchy based on your current organization. You will not need to use this button.
  • Delete Batch History: This option deletes all batch histories that compile in the Reset Operations section. A history of every batch with some basic information is kept for later review.
  • Note: This only deletes the history of the imports, not the imported data.

  • Entity Counts: Gives a number of records in the database per entity.

Data Operations

Occasionally, you may need to use other operations than the upload options described in the previous section.

Insert Data:

Insert only: Inserts the new records and ignores the existing the ones (based on ID).

Merge existing: Inserts if the record is new and merges the record if it already exists.


Existing record {id, a, b, null, f, g}

New record {id, a, null, c, d, null}

Resulting record {id, a, b, c, d, g}

Overwrite existing: Inserts new records, overwriting existing records with new values


Existing record {id, a, b, null, f, g}

New record {id, a, null, c, d, null}

Resulting record {id, a, null, c, d, null}

Update Data:

Update Only: Only imports records that already exist and updates them.

Update or Insert: Updates existing records and inserts the new ones.

Note: Updating records doesn’t include removing/deleting records.

Delete Data: Deletes all records with matching IDs as the one that are being imported

Scenario Mass Import: Do not use this option, as importing data this way does not allow you to connect the data to a specific scenario or root.


Additional Buttons

Create Copy: This creates a copy of files included in this batch.

Save: Saves the state of the current batch so it can be run at a later time.

Reapply: Allows you to rerun a selected batch without having to create a copy.

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