Importing SAP Check Tables

Check table data cannot be extracted through the ALE extraction process. So Nakisa HR Suite has a special batch that you can start from the Data Management page that will collect this data.

To upload SAP Check Table data:

  1. Open the Data Management page (if you have not already) and click Create New Batch. This opens a new tab in the second pane.
  2. Select SAP Check Tables in the first drop-down menu.
  3. Select Update Data in the second drop-down menu.
  4. Select Update or Insert to update the check table information.
  5. Click Run. This opens up a dialog indicating that this change might not be reversible. Nakisa HR Suite then checks the data you're importing, then starts the import.

  6. Click Run Batch.
  7. Click Recreate Index. This will re-index your source and scenario data.

Tip: This task can be scheduled to run automatically, so talk to your Nakisa project team to set this up if you would like it to be scheduled. .

Note: Before uploading check table or portrait data, you should also update your primary SAP ALE data.

The tables that are pulled down when you run this process are:

  • CSKS Cost Center
  • CSKT Cost Center Name
  • HRP7400 Position Key Indication
  • HRP7408 Potential
  • HRP7409 Performance
  • PA0077 Disability / Ethnicity
  • T001 Company Code
  • T001P Personnel Sub Area
  • T002T Language
  • T005 Nationality
  • T005T Country
  • T005U Region
  • T500 Country Group
  • T500P Personnel Area
  • T500T Country Group Text
  • T501T Employee Group
  • T503 Employee SubGroup
  • T503T Employee SubGroup Text
  • T505S Ethnicity
  • T510 Pay Grade Type
  • T510G Pay Grade Area
  • T529T Employment Action
  • T529U Employment Status
  • T530T Employment Reason
  • T535N Title
  • T710 Salary Scale
  • T710A Pay Grade
  • T777A Building
  • TCURR: Exchange rates
  • TCURT Currency
  • TGSBT Business Area
  • TKA01 Controlling Area

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