Employee Portraits

Use this section of the Nakisa AdminConsole if you need to upload or change the employee photos that appear on the nodes in your org charts because they cannot be extracted from your HRIS system.

Employee photos should meet the following requirements:

  • Photo size should be at least 128 pixels x 128 pixels, but not exceed 512 pixels by 512 pixels for optimum visibility
  • The photos should be square, with the face appearing roughly in the middle of the image
  • The files should be named employeeID.jpg, in which employeeID is a variable for each employee's ID number. The photos MUST have the file extension ".jpg" in lower-case letters.
  • There is no file size restriction on the photos, but you should not upload more than 500MB of files for each upload.
  • Uploading a photo with the same file name as an existing photo will overwrite the existing file.
  • Zip the photos into a single folder with no sub-folders.

To Upload Photos

  1. Select Employee Photos .
  2. Prepare your .zip folder of employee photos that meet the criteria listed earlier.
  3. Click Upload Photos on the Upload page and navigate to the zip folder you created in step 3, then click Open.
  4. When you receive the notification that your upload was successful, click Upload more to upload more photos or click Done if you are finished.

To Download the photos in your Nakisa HR Suite system:

  1. From the Main Menu, select Employee Photos .
  2. Click Download Photos. The photos download in a zip file.

To remove all photos in your Nakisa HR Suite system:

  1. From the Main Menu, select Employee Photos.
  2. Click Clear Photos.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete all of the photos in your system (this action cannot be undone) by clicking Clear Photos . You will receive a notification that your photos were deleted successfully.


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