SFTP Operations

The IDoc Management page allows you to retrieve information about IDocs from the SFTP server

SFTP Function Description
Retrieve IDocs

Manually retrieve existing IDocs from the SFTP site.

Note: This does not initiate the import process.

Note: If the SFTP site is blocked due to an underlying problem, but you wish to retrieve the IDocs that are currently there, you can click on the button again to bypass the warning. However this might not result in a complete set of data, depending on the reason for the downtime.

Download Logs Retrieves the logs from the SFTP server that are uploaded regularly. If there are any errors in the logs, the logs will not generate until the error is fixed.
Unblock SFTP Unblocks the SFTP server once any errors are fixed. If there are errors in the logs, the problems need to be fixed and the error log needs to be deleted to properly unblock the SFTP server.
Delete Error Logs Deletes error logs form thelog files.

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