Relationship Settings

Positions that report to a primary manager but are also accountable to others in some way can be illustrated with a dotted-line relationship to the additional managers. Dotted-line relationships can occur between positions and org units, or positions and other positions.

Nakisa HR Suite allows both single-dotted and double-dotted reporting relationships. If your environment needs these relationship types, enable them as needed.

To enable Dotted Relations and Secondary Dotted Relations:

Turn the appropriate toggle on and click Save.

To enable additional Chart Perspectives:

Turn the toggle on and click Save to make the Legal and Functional perspectives (where dotted and double-dotted relationships are visible) accessible in the main application.

To set Manager Role access:

If you are in an SAP OOSP environment or a Nakisa-OOSP environment, you will see a drop-down menu for Manager role secured field access.

  • Select Self and below if the managers in your organization manage the org unit they belong to
  • Select Managed Org Unit(s) if the managers in your organization manage the org units below them, but not the org unit they belong to.

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