Scenario Settings

In this page, you select your scenario collaboration model, enable writeback, and set limits on how many of each type of scenarios you allow each user to create.

Note: In Nakisa HR Suite 2022.R2-SP1, direct writeback is an option for SAP and OData environments such as SuccessFactors. If you want to extract data from Nakisa HR Suite, you will need to perform an excel export or use the scenario changes report.

To select your scenario collaboration model:

Nakisa provides clients with two options for users to create and share scenarios. Prior to your users accessing the application, you must select the sharing method you want to use in your organization. If you decide after implementation that you need to change the scenario sharing model you selected, note that any scenarios created under the originally selected models will not function properly and should be deleted after the change.

  • Workarea Assignment and Scenario Share: This model allows scenario creators to share the full scenario or assign work areas to other users. (This model also has a full scenario share option.) Use this model if you want scenario creators to be able to assign sections of your org chart to other users, add scenario targets, and use the Executive Summary. Keep in mind that when a scenario creator assigns a work area to a user, that user will see all of the sensitive data in that work area, even if it would normally not be visible to them because of their security role.
  • Scenario Share Only: This model allows scenario creators to share their entire scenario with other users. Use this model if you want assigned users to be able to make changes in the scenario but still be limited to the secure data they can access through their normal security role. Use this model if you will not need to assign scenario targets, or use the scenario workflow and Executive Summary.

To enable Scenario Type:

To enable the Org Designs, Team Designs, Org Merger, or RIF scenarios that each authorized user can create, turn the scenario type toggle on and click Save.

You can also enable the RIF (Reduction in Force) toggle to display the RIF fields in the scenario types. The RIF fields aid in any reduction in force scenarios.

To enable Writeback:

Turn the Writeback toggle on and click Save.

To enable Employee Modifications:

Turn the Employee Modifications toggle on and click Save to allow your scenario users to make changes to employees, such as adding new employees; and deleting, delimiting, and cloning existing employees. If you do not turn this switch on, you can still make and write back changes to positions and org units, but not to employee nodes.

Note: This might not be best practice as Nakisa HR Suite writeback typically makes employee changes in the system while bypassing a lot of the employee-related business logic

To set the Maximum Number of Scenarios:

To set a maximum number of Org Designs, Team Designs, or Org Merger designs that each authorized user can create, enter the number of scenarios you permit in each field and click Save. If you do not want a limit on scenarios, enter -1.

Note: Too many scenarios will have an effect on performance. It is recommended for larger enterprises to limit their scenarios to 25-30 to ensure high performance.

To enable Share by Role:

  1. To allow your scenarios to be shared to everyone who has a specific role, turn the Enable Share/Assign by Role toggle to On.
  2. Enter the maximum number of users in a role that you want to allow the scenarios to be shared with/assigned to and click Save. The value -1 indicates an infinite number of users.

To enable Position Order of Box:

Turn the Position Order of Box toggle on and click Save

When you enable the Position Order of Box toggle, the Modify Order of Box option appears the node menu within a scenario in Nakisa HR Suite. From this option, you can change the order of a position box within the scenario OrgChart. Enter the new numerical order of the position box and click submit to update the position box order.

To set the size of shareable role group:

To set the maximum number of users with a specific role to share a scenario or asign workareas, enter the number into the field provided. If you want to have an unlimited number of users that can share scenarios, enter -1.

To enable the Detail View:

Turn the Detail View toggle on and click Save.

Enabling this feature will include additional information when exporting reports such as Change Reports, change Key Date Reports or Sync Reports.

To enable the Mass Actions - Delete/Delimit:

Turn the Mass Actions - Delete/Delimit toggle on and click Save.

Enabling this feature will give certain users the ability to mass delete or delimit objects from Org Design and Org Merger scenarios in Nakisa HR Suite.

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