2022.R2-SP1 6-June-2023

Released: 6-June-2023

Note that this release of Nakisa HR Suite contains all resolved issues from the April 27th, 2023 release of 2022.R2-SP1.

The following issues were resolved in this release:

  • The font size for en exported chart to PowerPoint is now adjustable. You can select a minimum and maximum size. By default, the text will resize to fit into the box, but you can limit the size differential.

    Note: If the maximum and minimum size are set to the same, the text can run out of the box if it is too long.

  • In orgchart display options have been enhanced so you can use custom true/false fields as filters and show/hide chart boxes by using the toggles.

  • The error causing Managers to have multiple records, which would cause their names to appear as "Multiple Values" has been fixed.

  • Duplicate employee successors are no longer appearing in the table view, details panel, or extracted excel files.

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