Known Limitations

The following table lists the known limitations in Nakisa HR Suite2022.R2-SP1:

Reference Number Description

Keyboard accessibility is not fully functional, as navigation to some sections of the user interface is not available.


Accessibility mode is not fully functional, as there are some issues with the data displayed and available actions.

MB 12

It is possible to delete the root node in Team Design scenarios. To get around this issue, you can delete the scenario from the search context menu or through mass actions.

LSE 14 When an org chart is exported into a PowerPoint the information displays too small. This is the default behavior of PowerPoint to fit all the text/images into a container. Increasing the image size makes the text in the org chart blurry. To workaround the issue, select all and increase font size as desired.
LLS 79

When creating new views using the View Designer the missing inherited icon does not appear in the following:

  • Org Unit Views: When mapped to field Cost Center ID/Names and is Inherited.
  • Org Unit Views: When mapped to field Manager ID/Names and is Inherited.
  • Position Views: When mapped to field Cost Center ID/Names and is Inherited.
GE 03 The Trends Headcount scale shows repeated numbers. The numbers repeat due to a rounding up behavior of the scale. To view the actual value, hover over the dot in the chart.
LLL 08 When using restricted roles based on an attribute that does not exist for org units (such as job), the org unit does not appear and an error message is returned for the org unit and the org unit details panel.
LTM 09 The custom logo will no appear in Org Chart filters or PPT exports when there are at least three filters added.
LTM 47 When you assign a work area to a user and then share a node using the dropzone with the same user, the positions under the node can not be expanded when you move it from the drop zone to the work area.
LTE 23 The Employee Timeline on the Employee Details panel does not display Total Target Cash.
LTB 60 The PDF export of an executive summary will not generate is paper size A2 is selected.
LEL 71 In the SuccessFactors Odata Connector page the delete and checkbox icons in the Extraction History are not visable. If you navigate away and return to the Extraction History page you can select the area where a checkbox would be to highlight a selection and the delete button will appear.
LRG 07 When attempting to print an Org Chart using the executive page type and portrait orientation, the Org Chart will not appear in the generated print file.

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