Using the Employee Map

The Classic Nakisa HR Suite Employee Map provides a geographic perspective of where your organization operates. You can quickly see where your employees are, apply filters to show only selected values, and quickly access headcount and salary data per region.

To open the Employee Map:

  • Click the Main menu and select Employee Map or
  • From an open org chart structure, click the Employee Map icon .
  • Click the Employee Map button on the Landing page

To filter the items shown on the Employee Map:

Open the side panel and select the filters you want to apply. See Using the Filter Panel for more information on the Filter Panel.

To change the Employee Map to reflect a different perspective

You can view the Employee Map so that it can reflect the reporting relationships from the Legal or Functional perspectives, but this is only an option when you have a filtered scope (i.e., when you're viewing data for yourself and the reports below you. To do so, you must access the Employee Map from the Toolbar inside the org chart. You cannot change the perspective if you access the Employee Map from the Landing Page or the Main menu.


When you open the Employee Map from within the org chart, you can open the filter panel and select the perspective you want to use.

To extract the list of filtered results from the Employee Map

  1. Select the filters you want to apply to your data from the filter panel on the left.
  2. Click Search in the menu icons to open a new tab with the list of employees or positions who meet the criteria you filtered on. If you need to remove filters from your list, click the x on the icon representing the specific filter to close it.

To change the Employee Map view:

Click Analytics and select which analytic you want displayed on the map. Your options are headcount, headcount overall percentage, total salary, total salary overall percentage, and average salary.

To share your Employee Map:

  1. Configure your map to your specifications.
  2. Click Share .
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard and Close.
  4. Share the link with the appropriate users as needed.

To save your Employee Map configuration as a Favorite

  1. Configure your map and filters to your specifications.
  2. Click Add to Favorites.
  3. Enter a name for your map layout and click Save.

To access this layout again, click the Main menu, and select Favorites . Open the menu under Employee Map and select the layout you saved.

To Zoom in on a Map section:

If you see a section on the map that looks like circles stacked on top of each other, that indicates there are multiple locations close to that region of the map, but your zoom level is too far out to see them individually. To see more of the locations in the stack, click the Zoom button on the map.

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