Search in My Area

After performing a search, you may notice that you can not see all of the data elements for a data search. This is because when your security role does not give you access to certain data elements for everyone in your organization. When you conduct a search that contains secure data elements (something like salary or performance rating) , you will not see any of these data elements. It will look like this.

But for most security roles, there are some records for which you should be able to see this secure data: those employees or positions that you are responsible for. They may be your direct reports, or records assigned to you by the administrator because of what you do in your organization. To see those, you must conduct your search within your Area of Responsibility (AOR).

To access your area of responsibility:

  1. Perform your search as you did above and select one of the Table views.
  2. Click the drop-down menu on the My AOR Only menu and select Yes. This will narrow your search to only the records you have access to with your role.

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