Using the Classic Nakisa HR Suite Interface

This section identifies the key elements of the application interface. Depending on your level of access, your environment type, and which of the Nakisa Classic Nakisa HR Suite licenses your company purchased, you may not see all of the itemized objects pictured here.

Tip: If your org chart is larger than the screen you're viewing it on, you can use your mouse wheel to scroll up or down in the org chart to see more, or you can click on the space around the org chart (not on a node) to grab the org chart and drag it with your mouse.

Banner Menu

  1. Main Menu: Use this menu to access the application options.
  2. Pane Toggle: Click here to switch between 1 and 2 panes
  3. Search Options: Type letters in here to search your Classic Nakisa HR Suite system
  4. Effective Date: Click here to select a snapshot of your organizational data from past or future for comparative analytics, if your company is using that functionality
  5. Notifications: Click here to open any notifications that Classic Nakisa HR Suite has sent you

Action Menu

  1. Chart Action Menu: Use this drop-down menu to access the styles, perspectives, and views of the chart.
  2. Chart Styles, Perspectives, Views Menus: Use these menus to view the Chart Styles, Chart Perspectives, and Chart Views.


  1. Zoom Options: Zoom in or out, reset the zoom to 100%, fit the org chart to the page or pane it appears in.
  2. Share Link: Generates a permanent link to the item you selected with its current configurations that you can send to another authorized Classic Nakisa HR Suite user.
  3. Add to Favorites: Add the org chart, details panel, or scenario you've selected with its current configurations to your list of favorites. You can access your favorites by expanding the main menu and clicking Favorites .
  4. Internal Search: Allows you to search within the results shown on the page, or within a selected scenario
  5. Print: Use this button to print the org chart as configured on your screen
  6. Export to PowerPoint: Use this button to export your org chart as configured on your screen into a PowerPoint presentation
  7. Export to PDF: Use this button to print your org chart into an Adobe PDF document
  8. Dashboard: Click here to access a series of charts that illustrate the current state of the human capital data in your organization
  9. Organization Overview: Click here to open an interactive chart for all of the human capital data in your organization.
  10. Employee Map: Click this button to open an interactive map with indicators for the employees in your organization
  11. Icicle Chart: Click here to open a tree-diagram/icicle chart for all of the human capital data in your organization.

Node Menu and Functions

  1. Node Menu: Use this drop down menu to perform an action on the selected object.

  2. Root Up/Root At: Click this icon to start the org chart one level above the selected object

  3. Expand/Collapse: Open or close the objects below the selected object in the org chart

Display Options

  1. Display Options toggles: Turn these toggles on or off to show or hide certain nodes in your org chart, such as vacant (non-manager) positions, assistants, or personnel identified as consultants or contractors, for example.
  2. Legend: Click on the blue question mark to access a legend that defines what each of the icons in the application means.

Additional Interface Items

  1. History: Shows a list of the recently-viewed items
  2. View in Org Chart: Opens the org chart starting at the node just above the selected employee or position.
  3. Trends: Opens the historical trends dashboard related to the object you have open.
  4. Similar Positions: Searches the database for similar employees or positions, based on the type of node selected.
  5. Compare: Adds the selected node to the Compare module.
  6. Pin: Allows you to lock a tab in place so you may then open more than one of that kind of tab.
  7. Quick Navigation Tab: Open this tab to access links to jump to the sections of the details panel. The sections in this tab and on the details panel are determined by the type of object you have open (org unit, position, employee).

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