In the Social section, you can recognize your coworkers for a job well done! When you do, that coworker will receive an email notifying them that you recognized them.

To recognize a coworker:

  1. Search for the coworker you want to recognize using Quick Search or find them in the org chart.
  2. Open the Quick Navigation tab on the right of your profile and select Recognitions.
  3. Click Give Recognition.
  4. Select the Recognition Category by clicking on the icon.
  5. Enter an explanation in the Comment field for why you're recognizing this coworker (140 character limit) and click Submit.


When an employee receives enough recognitions, the recognized worker gets badges in the Badges section of their profile. You can choose from the following recognition types:

Creative Thinker: Use this to recognize someone who discovered clever solution to an issue or streamlined a process, for example.
Team Player: Use this to recognize someone who contributed substantially to a team effort.
Knowledge Share: Use this to recognize someone who contributed to training or helping their teammates understand something.
Thanks: Use this to thank a coworker helped out when it wasn't expected, for example.
Going the Extra Mile: Use this to recognize someone who went above and beyond when working on a project, for example.


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