Exporting Your Chart to a PDF

Classic Nakisa HR Suite offers you the ability to configure your org chart then export it directly to an Adobe PDF document.

To export your chart to a PDF document:

  1. Open and expand your org chart as appropriate.
  2. Click Export to PDF .
  3. Select the root node for the top of the org chart (the root node selected for your organization is selected by default).
  4. Select the number of levels of the org chart you want to have printed on the PDF.
  5. Select the number of nodes you want to appear per page. (Leave this blank to have Classic Nakisa HR Suite determine the best fit.)
  6. Indicate if you want to display the positions (if you are in an org-unit-based environment) by clicking the check-box.
  7. Select the page type from the drop-down list.
  8. Select if you want the PDF to be in landscape or portrait mode by selecting the appropriate layout from the drop down menu. .
  9. Click Generate.

A green banner will appear at the bottom of the screen, indicating that you will receive a notification when the PDF is ready to download.

Warning: When performing an export be sure to export information in text-mode. Exporting with portraits will result in a blank PDF.

Note: If you worked with Nakisa to create custom icons for your views, those views cannot be exported to PDF. You will need to export from a view with standard icons.

Note: For exporting to work successfully, you will need to turn off the pop-up blocker for the url you use to access Classic Nakisa HR Suite.

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