Inactive Employees

Classic Nakisa HR Suite indicates which employees in an Org Chart are inactive. An inactive employee represents an employee unable to work due to a leave of absence such as a medical or parental leave. If enabled, inactive employees can be seen by users within their AOR and can be included (or excluded) in any searches you perform. The employee and position nodes will be marked with an icon to indicate their inactive status. Inactive Employees can be replaced by a Temporary Assignment while they are unable to work.

To add an Inactive Employee:

Inactive Employees are added by performing a data upload using the Nakisa AdminConsole. To assign an employee as inactive, enter the StatusId as inactive in the Employment tab of a Data extraction sheet and then upload the data using the Data Management tool in the Nakisa AdminConsole. Once the data has been uploaded, the inactive employee will be visible in the Org Chart.

For more information on performing a data upload, refer to the Nakisa Administrator Guide.

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