Succession Pool Comparison Page

Classic Nakisa HR Suite allows you to gather high potential employees to create a talent pipeline called a Succession Pool. Employees that are added to a Succession Pool are carefully considered after taking the following into consideration:

  • Readiness
  • Ranking

This page lets you compare employees based on their readiness and ranking for positions within your organization as well as in other organizations' Succession Pools. Employees can be added or removed from a Succession Pool in the Succession Pool Comparison page. Any updates made to an employee in the Succession Pool Comparison page will be automatically updated throughout Classic Nakisa HR Suite.

To access the Succession Pool Comparison page:

Click the Main Menu and select Succession Pool Comparison.

To open a Succession Pool:

You can open a Succession Pool by clicking on the add button in the middle of the page. Using the drop-down menu, select the pool you want to open from the Add a Succession Pool window. You can open multiple pools at once from the Add a Succession Pool window as well.

All selected Succession Pools will appear on the page. If a Succession Pool is selected twice, one will not be added to the list. When selecting multiple Succession Pools, you will have to respect the limit of Succession Pools you can add. If you exceed the limit, not all the pools will appear. The Succession Pool limit is set through the Nakisa AdminConsole. For example, if the limit is set to three and seven pools are selected, only the first three will appear on the Succession Pool Comparison Page.

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