Bulk Create

You can use the Bulk Action tool to create (i.e., add and attach) an entry across multiple Master Data Configuration tables at once. For example, you can create an IBR entry with the same inputs (rate, lease length, asset class, etc.) in all IBR tables for companies under a selected system. Note that you can only create new entries, and cannot update existing ones.

The following bulk create actions are available:

After the bulk action is run, you can download an Excel report with the results.

To run the bulk create action:

  1. Click Application Menu > Bulk Actions.
  2. Select either "Bulk Create IBR" or "Bulk Create Indexation".
  3. In the Criteria section, set the required filters to determine in which tables the entries should be created.
  4. Set the fields used in the Inputs section.

    You must enter the required Indexation or IBR ID. When the entries are created in each table, this entered ID is appended with the specific System, Company, and Valid From/To dates. This is to ensure each entry has a unique ID. Note that you cannot create an entry with an ID that already exists, otherwise the entry is ignored.

  5. Click Generate. Wait for the entries to be created. The progress of the action is displayed in the "Reports" section.
  6. After the action is run, you can export a report with the results by clicking .
    • To delete the report, click .
  7. If required, click above the Reports section to delete all previously generated reports. Note that you can have a maximum of 10 generated reports displayed on the page at one time.

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