Bulk Delete

You can use the Bulk Action tool to delete entries across multiple configuration tables at once. The following bulk delete actions are available:

  • Bulk Delete IBR: Deletes entries in the Incremental Borrowing Rate table. If you delete an entry that is currently in use, the contract will continue to use that rate until an event is performed that updates the IBR.
  • Bulk Delete Indexation: Deletes entries in the Indexation table. Note that you cannot delete an entry if it has already been used in a contract (regardless of the contract status).

In order to delete entries, you must select the required system and specify the IDs in a comma-separated list. After the bulk action is run, you can download an Excel report with the results.

To run the bulk delete action:

  1. Click Application Menu > Bulk Actions.
  2. Select either "Bulk Delete IBR" or "Bulk Delete Indexation".
  3. Select the required System.
  4. Enter the required Indexation or IBR IDs (up to a maximum of 1000 characters in a comma-separated list). The application deletes all required table entries with matching IDs for all companies under the selected system. Therefore, if there are multiple entries with the same ID across different companies, all of the entries are deleted.
  5. Click Generate. Wait for the entries to be deleted. The progress of the action is displayed in the "Reports" section.
  6. After the action is run, you can export a report with the results by clicking . Note that the report only displays a single row for each unique ID (even if there are multiple entries with the same ID under different companies).
    • To delete the report, click .
  7. If required, click above the Reports section to delete all previously generated reports. Note that you can have a maximum of 10 generated reports displayed on the page at one time.

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