About Data Diagnostics

The Master Data Diagnostics to is a set of validators that can be run after the application or system data is entered or imported in the Master Data Configuration. The validators check for data inaccuracies, missing data, and data relational problems, and logs them in reports.

There are separate validators for different categories of configuration, as well as one that will run all of the validators. Previously generated reports are loaded by default, and clicking on a category button will refresh the report.

Note that at this time, the Data Diagnostic tool does not validate the entire master data configuration.

To use the Entity Navigation Tool:

  1. Click Application Menu > Data Diagnostics.
  2. In the "Actions" section, click one of the validator categories, or click Run All. A report for each configured validator is listed in the "Reports" section, if errors were found.
  3. Click Show details to see the specific errors found by a particular validator.

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