About Field Management

The Field Management module allows you to disable and hide fields in Nakisa Lease Administration that are not required by your users. The fields are sorted by category. For each category, you can see the total number of visible and hidden fields.

Note that the Field Management module shows all of the fields that are in the database tables. Some of these fields may not be used in the application, but will still be indicated as visible fields.

In the table of fields for each category, the column "Used In" indicates where the field is used.

  • Form: The field is used in a page or pop-up.
  • AggsPanel: The field is used in the filters in the left-panel.
  • Form - AggsPanel: The field is used in both the page or pop-up and in the filters.

Warning: Do not hide any fields that are mandatory. Users will not be able to progress to the next step if a mandatory field is hidden.

To edit which fields are available in the front end:

  1. Click Application Menu > Field Management.
  2. Select the category of fields from My Profile in the left-panel. This opens a table of fields available in that category.
  3. For an individual field, you can select Hide or Show from the drop-down menu in the My Profile column. The icon will change to visible or invisible depending on your selection.
  4. To hide or show all the fields in a category, click Show All or Hide All at the top.
  5. Click Save in the My Profile column.

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