About CDS Logs

The Nakisa AdminConsole Logs page allows users to view the CDS log, which records application and database errors.

The CDS log also records when scheduled or manual scheduled jobs, batches, or thresholds tasks start and stop. Note that the outcomes of these tasks (e.g., whether a scheduled posting job was successful) are not recorded.

The main viewing window in the Logs page displays the tail of the CDS log, so to see the most recent entries, scroll to the bottom of the viewing area. Nakisa Lease Administration stores the last 100,000 lines in the log, but it will stop adding new lines temporarily if you scroll up in the logging window to view prior messages.

The application creates a new log when the current log reaches 25 MB in size, and keeps up to 2.5 GB of logs. When a new file is created, the previous one is renamed to cds-<timestamp>.log.

Nakisa provides pre-configured logging for several services out of the box. The overall logging level (or the logging level for individual services) can also be modified.

To view logs:

  1. Click on the Application Log tab.
  2. In View Log, select the log you wish you view.
  3. The page then displays the information such as log inputs, payments, casualties, and outputs of the business and accounting engine. Use the navigation buttons if there are multiple pages of messages for the selected log.

    Tip: Search for the logger name (e.g., com.nakisa.leasing.Log.SapSyncLogger) to see the related actions.

  4. Click Export Logs to download the selected log.
  5. Click Refresh Logs to display the latest information.

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