Lease Financial Setup

The Lease Financial Setup section of the master data configuration allows you to configure the following:

  • Non-Lease Amount Category: The application supports up to 8 non-lease categories. A non-lease amount category must be assigned if a lease contains a term and condition with a non-lease amount. The GL mappings for each category need to be entered in the Accounting Setup in the System Config.
  • Term Category: Term Category is a grouping of Term Types, and is used when adding terms and conditions.
    • Types: The Term Types are specified per Term Category.

    Warning: Do not modify Term Categories or Term Types.

  • Modality: Modality is the Amount Frequency selected in the terms and conditions.

    Warning: Do not modify the available modalities.

  • Payment Frequency: Payment Frequency is selected in the terms and conditions.

    Warning: Do not modify the available payment frequencies.

  • Consumer Price Index: CPI indicates which type of indexation methods can be selected on the contract Accounting page. This table is only used if CPI/Indexation is enabled on the Accounting Settings page. Note that the record "CPI Global" is replaced by the valid record from the Indexation table.

    Warning: Do not modify the CPI/indexation values.

  • Compounding Frequency: This field represents the number of times per year the interest expense will be calculated.
  • Convention: Reserved for future use.
  • Interest Expense Method: Reserved for future use.

To configure non-lease categories:

  1. Click Application Menu > Master Data Configuration.
  2. Navigate to Application ConfigsLease Financial Setup > Non-Lease Amount Category.
  3. To edit an existing category, click for the required row.
  4. To create a new category, click Menu > Add.
  5. Enter or modify the required information.
  6. Click Submit.

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