Posting Control

The Company-specific Posting Control table determines which periods are open or closed. The application verifies the document Posting Date, and if it is in a closed period, the application blocks the posting.

The table System Posting Control can be configured to open or close periods at a system level, instead of per Company Code.

If a period is configured in both the System Posting Control table and the Posting Control table, the Posting Control table takes precedence. Note that individual periods in the Posting Control table can be configured to inherit the setting from the system-level table.

To add or modify open and closed periods:

  1. Navigate to System ConfigsSystem.
  2. Click on the row for the required system. The system name is now displayed next to "System" in the configuration tree.
  3. Navigate to System ConfigsSystem > Company.
  4. Click on the row for the required company. The company name is now displayed next to "Company" in the configuration tree.
  5. Navigate to System ConfigsSystem > Company > Posting Control.
  6. To add a new period to the table, click Menu > Add. Enter the following information:
    • Month: Select the month of the year.
    • Year: Enter the valid year. Leave it empty to have the configuration apply to this month of every year.
    • Period Status: 
      • OPEN: The period is open.
      • CLOSED: The period is closed.
      • INHERITED: For this period, use the configuration defined in the System Posting Control table. Note that if the period is not configured in the System Posting Control table, the period inherits an "open" status.
  7. To detach an existing period from the company, select the required row and click Menu > Detach.
  8. To attach an existing period to the company, click the Available tab, select the required row, and click Menu > Attach.

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