Entity Navigation Tool

Users with the Functional Administrator role can navigate database entities using the Entity Navigation Tool. Note that the navigation tool is intended for troubleshooting purposes, and should not be used to download large data.

To use the Entity Navigation Tool:

  1. Click Application Menu > Entity Navigation Tool.
  2. Select the database table in the Entity drop-down.
  3. If required, set any of the following filter fields to narrow down your search:
    • Field in the selected entity.
    • Field Value for the selected field.
    • Plan Name.
    • Plan Type.
  4. Click to perform the search. The results are displayed in a table below the filters.
  5. To download the results to CSV, click .
  6. Click on a row to see the relations related to the entry. It automatically opens the Relation Navigation Tool and shows all the relations to and from the entity.

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