Schedule Migration Jobs

Administrators can also schedule the Migration Jobs. This scheduling is disabled by default, but can be enabled on the Posting Settings page.

Note that although the scheduled time is entered in your local time, all jobs are stored in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). If you are in a country that is affected by Daylight Savings Time, you must be careful with any jobs scheduled around midnight, as it may run on a different day when there is a time shift.

To schedule a migration job:

  1. Click Application Menu > Settings
  2. In the left-menu, click Posting Settings under Settings.
  3. Enable the switch "Enable Scheduling for Migration Job" and click Save.
  4. Click Application Menu > Scheduled Migration Jobs.
  5. In the Migration Jobs List, select the chosen job.
  6. Set at what time the Job runs, by default this is set to
  7. Click Schedule Plan and select one of the following plans. For reference, a dynamic sample of the upcoming dates and times of the next scheduled jobs are displayed in the left panel.
    • Month End Dates, and +/- Days. Enter the number of days before or after the end of the month when the job should run.
    • Daily
    • Weekly, and which day of the week the job should run.
    • Monthly, including:
      • If it should run every single month, or every configured number of months
      • Which day of the month it should run on. Note that you can select more than one date, and if the day does not exist in a particular month, then that month is skipped.
  8. Click to save and schedule the job.
  9. If required, click to pause the scheduled job. The Status changes to "Paused" and the job will not run on the upcoming scheduled dates. To resume the scheduled job, click .

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