Additional Fields

A page called "Additional" can be enabled in the left-panel for master agreements, contracts, lease components, and activation groups. For units, the additional sections are available in the edit form for the unit. These pages contain sections and fields (that do not have any additional logic attached to them) that can be added and customized.

In each Additional page or edit form area, the following sections and fields can be enabled:

  • Section 1: up to 6 text fields
  • Section 2: up to 6 number fields
  • Section 3: up to 6 true/false fields
  • Section 4: up to 6 date fields
  • Section 5: up to 4 text areas (descriptions)

By default, the captions for the sections and fields appear as indicated on this page. Use the Caption Editor to rename the captions, as required.

To enable the "Additional" pages:

  1. Click Application Menu > Settings.
  2. In the left-menu, click Additional Field Settings and click one of the following options:
    • MLA Additional
    • Contract Additional
    • Lease Component Additional
    • Activation Group Additional
    • Unit Additional
  3. Use the first option to enable or disable the page.
  4. Use the next set of options to enable or disable specific sections on the page (or edit form).
  5. Use the next set of options to enable or disable individual fields in each section.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Use the Caption Editor to rename any required captions.

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