Other UI Customizations

Use the Other UI Customizations setting to define certain aspects of the application UI (front-end) that are not referenced in specific setting pages.

To enable or disable the listed customization features:

  1. Click Application Menu > Settings > Other UI Customization.
  2. Configure settings or enable or disable the switches as needed.
  3. Click Save.

The following switches are available:

Switch Description

Enable Asset Class For Number Range

By default, the Number Range configuration for assets is based on the lease area, company code, and year. If the switch is enabled, the application also uses the external asset class fields to assign the asset ID.

Show Contract Progress Bar

By default, the progress bars are not displayed in the application. To display the progress bars, enable one or more of these switches. Note that enabling the progress bars may affect performance.

Show Lease Component Progress Bar

Show Activation Group Progress Bar

Lessor Notification Months

By default, notifications that a term is coming to an end are sent 3 months before the end of the term (and can also be changed by users for each term and condition). To change the default value for "Lessor Notification Date", enter the required number of months in this setting.

Maximum Number of RFC Traces to Display

This field determines the maximum number of entries displayed on the RFC Traces page at one time. By default, this field is set to 1,000.

Note: Increasing this setting may impact performance when the page is loaded.

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