Exchange Rates for Dashboards and Reports

This page details the additional exchange rate configuration required for the Financial Dashboards (available with the Financial Analysis Reporting Module license) and Disclosure Reports. Note that other reports, such as the Consolidated Transaction Reports, do not require any additional exchange rate configuration.

Financial Dashboards

In order to generate the Financial Dashboards in company and group currencies, the relevant settings must be configured on the Financial Analysis Reporting Module settings page. Once these settings are configured, the exchange rates used in the dashboard must be populated through one of the following options:

  • Configure the application to sync and read the exchange rates stored in a single system in Master Data Configuration using a Nakisa API. Note that to sync exchange rates you must have a leading system that contains exchange rates for all currency pairs.
  • Regularly import exchange rates into the application via Data Management.

Disclosure Reports

Additional configuration is required to properly set up exchange rates for the Disclosure Reports:

  • Configure an exchange rate type for month-end exchange rates.
  • Optionally, set up additional group reporting group currencies through one of the following methods:
    • Set up group reporting group currencies per company in the Exchange Rate Type table. Using this method, the application reads the matching exchange rates populated in the Exchange Rate table.
    • Configure up to two application-wide additional group currencies on the Report Settings page. If these settings are configured, exchange rates must either be synced (only available with the Financial Analysis Reporting Module license) or regularly imported into the application via Data Management.

    Note: If you are configuring additional reporting group currencies for the Disclosure Reports, Nakisa recommends using the exchange rate type method because group currencies can be configured per company.

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