Resolved Issues on 07-Nov-2023

Major Release Version: 2022.R2-SP1

This release of Nakisa Lease Administration contains all resolved issues from the March 14th, 2023 release of 2022.R2.

Note that this is a controlled availability release.

The following issues were resolved in this release:

  • When exchange rates are synced, a validation has been added to block the creation of duplicate records in the Exchange Rate table in Master Data Configuration. Additionally, if there are already duplicate entries in the table, the application now fails the sync and displays an error message. You must correct these duplicate entries before syncing again. (Reference: ESE 40)
  • Corrections have been made to the cost center and profit center that is saved in the application database and/or sent to SAP via the SAP Posting Bot when documents are posted:
    • The application uses the cost center and profit center from the unit level.
    • If the GL account is a Profit and Loss account, both the profit center and cost center are saved.
    • If the GL account is a Balance Sheet account, neither the cost center or profit center are saved by default.

    Note: This modifies a change done in a previous release (Reference: ESA 39). If you would like to continue saving the profit center for Balance Sheet GL accounts, refer to the following change.

    (Reference: ESA 39, MR 6)

  • The checkbox "Profit Center Enabled" in the GL Account table in Master Data Configuration is no longer reserved for future use and has been renamed to "Profit Center (B/S Account)". In standalone or hybrid systems when this checkbox is enabled, the profit center is saved to the application database and/or sent to SAP via the SAP Posting Bot during postings for Balance Sheet GL accounts. (Reference: ESA 39)

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