Uploading Documents

You can attach one or more PDF files to master lease agreements, contracts, lease components, and activation groups. Open the document viewer on the right by clicking , and click on the icon in the middle of the panel to upload the relevant file.

Once a file has been uploaded, you can:

  • Use the page navigation buttons or enter the page number to navigate through the file.
  • Use the Document drop-down list to select the file you want to view.
  • Adjust the zoom level of the document you are viewing.
  • Click to delete the document you are currently viewing. Note that documents can only be deleted before activation.
  • Click to upload additional files.
  • Click to download the file you are currently viewing.
  • Click to edit the document properties (i.e., Description and Document Type).

Note that you cannot see the files attached to other objects (for example, if you are looking at the document viewer for the contract, you cannot see the files that were uploaded for the lease component or master agreement).

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